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品牌主Lotte是個前教師。她重視透過生活的每一個環節來教育孩子環保的重要性。與此同時,她也希望每一個孩子都能穿上優質舒服的衣服。因此,才有了The Rest。秉持著家居服不該讓父母買起來有負擔、好衣服應該天天穿時時穿的原則,Lotte主打「戀家的感覺」- 每一件單品都彷彿飄著愛的味道,簡單卻好暖。

The Rest

Our mission is to produce simple sleepwear that is thoughtfully produced from seed to wear and back again. 

We believe in the importance of quality and create pieces that can be passed through generations. 

Made from the finest GOTS certified organic cotton, which is grown safely by farmers. Our pieces are lovingly made by our clever makers and worn by beautiful children all over the world, while keeping our planet happy and healthy too.