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新年期間 (1/20 10pm ~ 1/29 10pm)





1/30 恢復正常出貨 

Our Story

I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl, Harley. While trying to build the perfect wardrobe for my little one, I’ve noticed that baby attire in Taiwan are either fast fashion or luxury brands with very little quality choice in-between. So, I started to search for baby clothes in my home country, Australia, and as result, I’ve found some of the most adorable designs made by independent manufacturers Down Under (and now worldwide!). They too, are owned by loving parents who were dissatisfied with the current baby apparel market and decided to take matter into their own hands. These brands not only use materials friendly to our Earth and our children but are also ethically made, which means no substandard sweatshops. My girl and I love these finds so much, that I’ve decided to share them with fellow mums in Taiwan. And that is how “Little Cloud Nine” was born. This is a carefully curated collection that showcases the variety of styles and design that smaller brands  has to offer. We want you to enjoy the same high-quality, slow fashion like we've had because our little angels deserve nothing but the best.


Love & Kisses,