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品牌主人Mirella來自芬蘭,是個不滿30歲的二寶媽,能在育兒之虞,同時進修視覺設計,並且經營自己的手工編織事業。 她熱愛生命、熱愛針織、對用料挑剔到極致,是個嚴謹卻也充滿少女氣息的生活家。一個只能趁孩子沈睡後夜晚,將愛透過她的手,傳遞給大家的普通媽媽。這份愛,值得您收藏。

Believe it or not – three years ago I couldn’t knit at all. However I found myself browsing the internet for knitting instructions of lovely bonnets. It was the very first time I tried to knit since elementary school. I learned to knit by my lovely friends from social media, Youtube and relatives: I knitted every night after I put my first born to sleep. When the first bonnet was ready, I was instantly hooked on knitting! At first I made only accessories, and little by little I moved on to bigger projects like sweaters.

My very first Taimi-bonnet, designed by me, got started by accident. I had some excess yarn from self-made blanket for my first born baby. This fall 2020 after a series of events and developing I decided to found my company, Silmu Knitting. I’m looking forward to offer you knitting workshops, DIY-kits and high quality knitwear!

Welcome aboard to follow our journey from the beginning.

Important values of my company are long-lasting and natural, genuine materials.